Over a century ago, in 1895 , Besant and Leadbeater wrote an article which was later expanded into a book in 1908 , with further editions in 1919 and 1951, reprinted in 1994.

The author of a more recent paper (1) obtained many ideas from this book and wishes to gratefully acknowledge this, although the paper (1)
can stand alone, independent of the results given in Besant and Leadbeater's book.   The model for the derivation (in 2 lines!) of Einstein's mass, time & length dilation equations, comes directly from Besant & Leadbeater's book, as well as E = mc 2
.   Absolute motion is assumed, avoiding all of Einstein's relativity assumptions and notions of "space-time".

It would be quite wrong of me not to acknowledge Besant & Leadbeater simply because many scientists may feel sceptical about their book because of its "remote viewing" nature, which means it is not readily repeatable.

I commend study of their book (400 pages, 230 diagrams) with an open mind.

This website,, describes that book & related topics.

(1)    DOWNLOAD of:    M.G. Hocking, "Linking String & Membrane Theory to Quantum Mechanics & Special Relativity Equations,
avoiding any Special Relativity Assumptions", Journal of Scientific Exploration 21 (1), 13-26 (2007).

DOWNLOAD of the book by Dr A. Besant & C.W. Leadbeater. CLICK BELOW:The final (3rd) Edition is available as VERSION 1 (Recommended) (14 Mb)

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A later scanning is available as VERSION 2, which is better for fine detail in some diagrams but is incomplete and is a mixture of different editions.